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This website will be regularly updated regarding the 2022 Lambeth Summer Camp.

As we are a charity the enrolment cost depends on fundraising during the year. The enrolment cost in 2022 was £180 which will cover all 18 days
Family rates will beavailable.


The 2023 camp will be open on weekdays during July and August for 9 to 16 year olds who live or attend school in Lambeth or Southwark

For those who would like to 'Register and Interest' for 2023 an enrolment form will be sent when they are ready (about May) please email:

                        and include the following details:


The child/ren's first and last names


Age and Date of birth


Parent / Guardian / referral, name contact telephone number

                                                                The applicant/s must live or go to school in Lambeth or Southwark


The 2022 Lambeth Summer Camp took place at:

St Martins High School

155 Tulse Hill


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